Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adaptive Business Intelligence

The conception of the term adaptability is promptly gaining in recognition in todays businesses. In general, adaptability has been evolved into everything from robotic car transmissions to attentive search engines to else where and also it emerged into todays global business management. Here comes a new term in similar lines - adaptive business Intelligence.

Adaptive Business Intelligence, seems to be new when the term adaptive is added ahead of Business Intelligence, not exactly as said, but definitely there is an additional thing to the existing till date Business Intelligence in the enterprises and in the present global market. Effective Decision making is what that is always heard about the key role of Business Intelligence in any enterprise, wherein the effect or change of the so far taken decision in the future is focussed in a new broad term – Adaptive Business Intelligence.

Avoiding confusion over the definition or statements, Adaptive Business Intelligence focussed over effective decision-making and in addition to that it also involves continuously improvising the future recommendations. More or less to be able to adapt to changes in the global market and enhance the quality of decision outcomes within the time is the overall outcome with the adaptive business intelligence.

Combining three components – prediction, adaptation, optimization in any business scenario makes it possible to achieve a new business discipline, undoubtedly stated as -Adaptive Business Intelligence. To a more broader elaboration, Adaptive Business Intelligence can be defined as the practice of having prediction and optimization techniques and using them further in the process of creation self learning decision systems.

As known in general that most of the existing business intelligence systems access data from a wide variety of sources and transform that into information and knowledge through sophisticated analytic and statistical tools and go ahead with the processes of provide a graphical interface and present the results. One a whole, this may not guarantee the right or best decision outcomes.

Managers across the enterprises work around in a dynamic and ever-changing economic and social environments and therefore require constant decision support in parallel time lines that gives an exact overview of what is the best decision that can be made now and how will it change in the future.

Here starts the statements that the future of business intelligence definitely lies in the development of systems that can independently and consecutively enhance decision-making among the scenarios of changing business environments, rather than the tools that produce reports based on the present standards of quality and performance. Lets go ahead with the emerging trends of the future in the adaptive business intelligence in the later article from out experts desk.

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