Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Business Intelligence Trends- 2010

An earlier discussion of Business Intelligence in the market gave an insight over the enterprises for improvising many of its areas like customer Management, Enterprise Project Management, etc. Lets focus more over the trends of Business Intelligence in the market in 2010..

The desire and need of the enterprises to increase its savings and get hold of its revenue across the industries led to a phase of rapid improvement and growth in the Business technologies. When moved to a bottom line of this growth, there are certain changes on the packaging, delivery of the Business Intelligence tools and its utilization by the end users.

Advancements in the areas of offerings for an effective and collaborative decision-centric business intelligence is one of the emerging trend that makes decisions as the major central focus of the offerings.

Data Quality and Data Integrity are rising with Data Management in Business Intelligence so as to build an integrated Information Management Platform that holds structured and unstructured data.

Existing traditional enterprise applications like ERP, CRM and SCM provides access to even single piece of data, like monthly sales figures, etc. The ultimate goal over here is to turn the huge amount of structured or unstructured information to be extracted, transformed, loaded, from the existing data management tools ..That is where the expertise with Business Intelligence comes into existence across the organizations.

Interest in Software-As-A-Service business intelligence (SaaS Business Intelligence) is one of the major trends in todays market. Enterprises find SaaS easier to implement and also as another saving option. It’s an opportunity to have enterprise tools without much clamor. Lets have an insight over the key areas of business intelligence and its significant impact in the market in the later article from our research desk.

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